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Our outlook and approach is both realistic and innovative. We employ carefully crafted investment methodologies utilizing technical and fundamental strategies to manage risk, preserve capital, and create profitability in today’s uncertain markets.

In times like this you need a steady hand to temper the volatility while remaining flexible with the tools to respond decisively in any market condition. Spruce Hill Capital, LLC provides the expertise to do just that.



February 7th, 2014

January was a bit of a rough month for stocks, with the market (as measured by the DJIA) down about 5%. We have anticipated a correction for some time and this is an example of what we have been talking about, although a mild one by comparison. There have been few significant corrections in the market since August of 2011 so investors are not used to seeing their accounts go down much, if at all, in over 2 years. We…


April 17th, 2014

We expected markets to be volatile this year, and they’ve been exactly that. The major indices are a bit negative for the year, especially the NASDAQ, which is down almost 4%. Why is that? The NASDAQ is heavily weighted toward Tech stocks and even some Bio-Tech stocks as well. When volatility appears, especially after a run-up in prices, these are the areas that suffer the most and that’s what is happening now.

There are several reasons:

Severe winter weather has…